About Hager Equipment Company

Located in Bessemer, Alabama, Hager Equipment Company is a leading innovator in the underground mining equipment industry.  It is what we do and it is all we do. Our sole focus is on the underground miner, and to provide the safest, most cost effective, and durable equipment possible.  Hager Equipment Company has been increasing safety and productivity for customers for over forty years, and it shows in the evolution of our products.  We offer a wide range of coal and potash mining equipment that includes shuttle cars, loading machines, Mining Locomotives and personnel carriers.   We also provide a fast and reliable repair service for virtually every type of industrial drivetrain component in the market today, including transmissions, transfer cases, gearboxes, and axles. We are a John Deere and Funk authorized repair and warranty repair facility, and our experienced team of engineers and service/sales persons has custom designed and built equipment to meet our customers’ requirements in a way that has led Hager Equipment Company to the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the business. Give us an opportunity, and we WILL earn your business.

Mission Statement

To be THE preferred supplier in the minds and actions of our customers by being the best at what we do, by doing what we say we will do, and by providing the best equipment and after the sale service of all; to be profitable in doing so and to provide a good living and a life-long happy place to work for our team members.


  • Honesty at all times.
  • Respect for our commitments and sacrifice to see them through.
  • Compassion for one another and for our customers and community.


Hager Equipment Company was founded in the late 1950’s as a manufacturers’ representative company serving the underground coal and iron ore mines and steel mills in Alabama and Tennessee. In 1980 the company was purchased by Black Diamond Coal at which time our President, Keith Ginwright came on board as sales/field service engineer.  Shortly after, former Senior Vice President Mark Ginwright joined as Office Manager. In 1990 the Ginwright family purchased the company and have owned and operated it since.

Hager Equipment Company began to transition from manufacturers’ rep to manufacturer at that time. In the mid 1980’s we were instrumental in design and prototyping of the first underground diesel rail equipment in Alabama. We knew it well, and our earliest manufacturing was along these lines. In addition, we have since begun to manufacture top quality shuttle cars, electrohydraulic loading machines, and swing tail ‘Hopper’ style loaders. Moreover, we have designed and built many custom machines for industries other than Potash and Coal.

In 1995, Hager Equipment Company moved to our current location in Bessemer, Alabama where we continue today designing and manufacturing the finest mining and custom needs equipment on the market today.