8TD24 Mid-Engine Shuttle Car

Product Details

In the mining industry, conveyor belt cleanup and rehabilitation operations are a necessity.  Sometimes finding the right machine to do the job can be difficult.  In many cases mine workers have to utilize an extensive combination of machinery and extra personnel to perform these tasks.  Often times these resources are diverted from other operations and can potentially delay their completion.  Whether using an electric loader with an ore hauler or an army of shovels, one thing is certain: extra costs are almost always incurred.

The 8TD24 Shuttle Car was designed with this in mind.  It incorporates features from our loading machines and shuttle cars to provide an economical solution.  Essentially, it is a shuttle car and loader all-in-one.  In addition to these features, the 8TD24 was scaled down from our larger machines in order to operate in relatively tight places.  That being said, it can still haul 8 tons of muck.

Design Purpose- This machine was designed specifically for belt cleanup, rehabilitation operations, one-man loading and transport operations, and any other muck/ore cleanup or transport.

Self-Loading Capability- The gathering head apparatus enables the shuttle car to operate without the need of a scoop or loader.  It is designed to be attached or detached quickly as the need arises.

Increased Mobility- The 8TD24 is a diesel hydraulic machine.  It is self-contained and does not require power on the section to operate. It has four-wheel coordinated steering while in low range for navigating sharp corners and tight spaces. When high range is engaged, only the lead axle steers. This makes long trips between sections more routine.

Maintenance Friendly- Coupled with our diagnostics and control system, the overall design is uniquely simple. It consists of a diesel engine, hydrostatic transmissions, and a programmable control system. This is very similar to much of the agricultural equipment on the market today. There is no high voltage on the machine which allows a technician to service or repair it without needing an electrician.  Innovative hydraulic wheel units eliminate drive shafts, external brakes, drag-links, and other steering linkage; significantly reducing down time and maintenance costs compared with conventional shuttle car designs.

Increased Safety and Visibility- A complete low-light camera system coupled with bright LED lighting assists the driver in safe operation.   In addition, every Hager Equipment shuttle car comes equipped with a F.O.P.S. and R.O.P.S. certified operator’s cab and an optional fire suppression system.

***More details and photos are on the way, as the 8TD24 is currently being assembled and tested underground.  Please contact us if you would like further information on our latest shuttle car product.***