Shuttle Car Gathering Head Attachment

Product Details

The Shuttle Car Gathering Head attachment is designed for use with a Hager Shuttle Car that is set up for this option. The following specifications consist of a loading apron equipped with powered gathering arms capable of pushing loose material onto a powered conveyor and then depositing the material onto the live conveyor of the Shuttle Car. The Gathering Head assembly is equipped with a set of elevating jacks which permits easy attachment to the mounting couplers on the shuttle car load end. Hydraulic quick connects provide the power source from the shuttle car to the gathering head. Controls are integral to the joystick in the operator’s compartment. These controls operate the elevating jacks, actuate the gathering wheels and conveyor as well as control the angle of the loading apron.

Attachment to the Shuttle Car is made by hooks on the gathering head mating with locking pins on the Shuttle Car. The process of attachment can be accomplished by the operator in approximately ten minutes or less. The Shuttle Car conveyor may be jogged toward the discharge end as the Gathering Head deposits the material onto the conveyor. Closed circuit, low-light cameras mounted on the Shuttle Car may be positioned to allow the operator to monitor the material being loaded.

Loading Assembly

  • Width of Apron: Approx. the same as host shuttle car width
  • Loading Device: Standard: Two star wheel CLA’s
  • Loading Below Grade: 4 Inches (102 mm)
  • Loading Speed: Variable up to 50 RPM @ 34 GPM (190 LPM)
  • Star Wheel Hydraulic Motors: Two 30 HP (22 KW) operating in parallel
  • Hydraulic Pressure: up to 4,000 PSI (272 Bar)
  • Total Weight (Loading and Conveyor Assemblies): Approx. 9,500 Lbs. (4,320 Kgs)

Conveyor Assembly

  • Width: Typically 4 inches (101 mm) less than host shuttle car conveyor chain width
  • Conveyor Chain Type: Single strand, 2-7/16 pitch, rock type
  • Chain Speed: Variable up to 220 FPM (66 Meters/Min)
  • Conveyor Drive: Reversible hydraulic motor creating up to 40 HP (29 KW)