Product Details

The HART-402E is a fully customizable 2 person electric ride. The version shown includes 4 wheel independent suspension and drive, 18 Kilowatt hour battery pack with a 60 mile range. This model has a nominal charge time of 2 hours, max speed of 17.5+mph and will climb a 20% grade. This ride can be built to your exact specifications including but not limited to: 2/4WD, 2-4 man capacity, 9-18 Kilowatt hour battery pack, 25-60 mile range, and a low seam height model.

HART-402E Brochure


Dimensions are for the model shown:
Height: 70”
Width: 83”
Length: 128”
Weight: Dry-2,000 lbs, Gross-2,500 lbs


Specifications are for the model shown:
Person Capacity: 2
Battery Pack: 18 kWh – 96 VDC LFP
Range: 60 miles
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Max Speed: 17.5+ mph
Maximum Grade: 20%


Features are available for all HART-402E variants:
• 4 Wheel Independent Suspension with 4 Independent Wheel Motors / Dual Motor 4 Wheel Drive / Single Motor 2 Wheel Drive
• Power steering
• Cushioned seating
• LED Headlamps
• Automatic/manual fire suppression
• Available Self-Rescuer (SCSR)/first aid storage