For over forty years, Hager Equipment Company has been a leading innovator in manufacturing coal and potash underground mining equipment. It is what we do and it is all we do. Our sole focus is on the underground miner, and providing the safest, most cost effective, efficient and durable equipment possible. From five man rail jeeps to seventeen man buses to twenty five ton locomotives; from five man rubber tire rides to twenty five ton capacity ore haulers, our experienced team of engineers and service/sales persons have custom designed and built equipment to meet our customers requirements in a way that has led Hager Equipment to the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the business. Give us an opportunity, and we WILL earn your business.


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Success Stories


The Problem:

In 2013, a customer turned to us for a solution to a long term issue regarding their fleet of locomotives. They were experiencing excessive wear of drivetrain components, predominantly the transmission clutch packs. Over several previous years, they determined that the main cause for this problem was operator error, especially under load.

The Solution:

Hager Equipment Company created an entirely new proprietary operating system to meet the customer’s issues. H.A.T.S. (Hager Automatic Transmission System) is a versatile onboard diagnostics and control system available on all locomotives and personnel transports built buy Hager Equipment Company. It was initially designed to manage gear changes and has been improved to encompass many innovative and cost saving features. Since implementing this system we have seen an increase in component lifespan as well as improved operation of the machine, resulting in less down time and better productivity. READ MORE