Hager Equipment Company is a leading innovator in manufacturing coal and potash underground mining equipment, and has been for over forty years.  It is what we do and it is all we do. Our sole focus is on the underground miner, and providing the safest, most cost effective, efficient and durable equipment possible. From five man rail jeeps to seventeen man buses to twenty five ton locomotives; from five man rubber tire rides to twenty five ton capacity ore haulers, our experienced team of engineers and service/sales persons have custom designed and built equipment to meet our customers requirements in a way that has led Hager Equipment to the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the business. Give us an opportunity, and we WILL earn your business.

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Success Stories

In 2008, a customer in the potash mining industry was in need of replacing their aging shuttle car fleet. A diesel shuttle car was preferred in lieu of the standard electric configuration for mobility and logistical needs. Underground diesel equipment is one of our core competencies.  We were up to the challenge. Hager Equipment Employees worked closely with mine personnel in order to create the best solution possible. We studied the mine’s conditions, the production and maintenance crew configuration, and their mining procedures. We listened carefully to the customers’ specific needs and tailored our design to meet those specifications. Thus, the 18TD48 Shuttle Car was born. Utilizing innovative, proprietary diesel over hydrostatic technology, this shuttle car provides a rugged, flexible, high capacity alternative for ore haulage.

Increased Mobility – The 18TD48 offers four-wheel coordinated steering while in low range for navigating sharp corners and tight spaces. When high range is engaged, only the lead axle steers. This makes long trips between sections more routine. Depending on operator preference, steering can be controlled by a joystick or steering wheel. READ MORE